My love for ALL animals…

As a child, I never played with dolls. I actually thought they were kind of creepy as I was certain they would one late night come alive and scare the crap out of me. My preference was stuffed animals. Can you imagine if stuffed animals came alive in the middle of the night? What fun that would be!

For as long as I could remember, I loved animals. Throughout my entire school years, I would race home after school so I could volunteer as a trail guide at a local horse stable just so I could ride horses. The stable was located on a hill just above the ocean. Being able to ride a horse at the water’s edge is everything you can imagine it would be – only more. Looking back, none of us kids who rode the water’s edge had any clue how blessed we were then to be able to spend hours and hours with such beautiful creatures. What cherished memories.

Wishing most of my adulthood for a job working with animals, I accepted an animal control officer position. This was not my first employment working with animals, but this was quite a journey. The fanatical feeling working with animals and the people who love them was very fulfilling. It was almost a decade later, I left that job as the Captain of Animal Control and Field Investigations – although my preference was the position I held as the first, and at the time, the only animal cruelty investigator for the twenty two cities framed within one large county.

Many times I heard, “I don’t know how you do this. I could never handle it.” The truth is that no one can or should handle it. Psychological defense mechanisms are a mixed blessing. Looking into the many faces of unwanted, discarded animals is devastating. The names, dates and fates are often forgotten, but you never ever forget the faces. There are still faces today that will never go away.

No longer having the desire to “work the streets” in the animal welfare arena, impounding unwanted animals, rescuing the numerous animals who somehow get themselves into the most amazing predictaments, tired of dealing with those less than cooperative people who should never own an animal to begin with, picking up those animals who unfortunately just ran out of luck, working enormously long hours with not even a sound of “good work...” I felt I could create some new venture that would benefit ALL animals. Most importantly it would be something I could personally feel good about.

I believe ALL animals are important. Once a Superior Court Judge threw out one of my many successful animal abuse cases stating, “Raccoons are NOT animals…” This is another story for another time. THAT comment alone remains THE number one reason why I say ALL animals. I know some of you hate raccoons, but you would change your mind if you had the experience of rescuing a tiny baby raccoon that actually helped you in your rescue endeavor to get him out of harm’s way without a thought of being bitten.

CSI ANIMAL ABUSE was born from my dedication and compassion for ALL animals. Soon a group of animal loving volunteers joined on and we became a non-profit California corporation whose sole desire is to prevent animal abuse through education. The goal is to educate... educate… educate. If we are able to reach one person who can turn around and make a difference in making the life of one animal a better place to live, we have succeeded in our mission.

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